What is Linux Operating System

Other Types of Operating System :

  1. Multi User Operating System
  2. Single User Operating System
  3. Multitasking Operating System
  4. Multiprocessing Operating System
  5. Network Operating System
  6. Distributed Operating System

How does operating system work?

OS is the most important program of the computer. One who performs all the simple and important tasks. Such as understanding the keys being input by the keyboard, showing the output on the screen, managing files and directories on the hard disk, and communicating with all the necessary parts from the computer, all these things are included. Apart from this, it also performs many important functions like –

  1. Memory Management
  2. Processor Management
  3. Device Management
  4. File Management
  5. Security

Conclusion :

So friends, we hope that you will get the What is Linux Operating System from this article. Types of Operating System ? What is its job? And Functions of operating system ? And all the information related to it would have been found and you would have come to know everything about the OS very well.

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