What is Linux Operating System

What is Linux Operating System : Friends, everyone knows about the Operating System because we have all used it somewhere in the computer. Just as mobile and internet have become an essential part of our life. Without which we cannot do even a single work in today’s time, in the same way the operating system has been made to make the mobile and computer system work properly. which is very important for them.
What is Linux Operating System

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What is Linux Operating System

Along with our computers and laptops, many machine parts are also installed inside them. But after the creation of mobile and computer, if the operating system is not installed inside them, then the mobile or computer will not start. That is why the operating system is a very important part of any mobile, tablet, computer, laptop.

That is why in today’s article we are going to provide you all the information related to Operating System that Operating System in Hindi. Types of Operating System in Hindi? How does it work and what are its types? You will find all this information here.

Operating System in Hindi?

Operating System which is also called OS in short form. It is system software that operates all the work between the hardware and software of the computer. OS is a software that provides an interface between the computer and the user. Through which the user is able to communicate with the computer.

For this, the user should also understand the language of the computer. All computers require an OS to function properly and to run other applications. Applications like Chrome, MS Word, Photoshop, Game need a medium in which they can run and complete their tasks. And this platform provides them with the OS. Computer is useless without OS.

What is Linux Operating System

A computer operating system is a group of many small programs. Which are connected together and kept in the system’s storage device. This is a group of programs that manage the computer’s resources such as hardware. The hardware of the computer cannot work on its own nor can it interact with each other.

That is why they are able to complete their work only by the signal given by the OS. OS is the first program loaded in the computer. And it acts as a bridge between the hardware and software of the computer. So that both of them can easily contact with each other.

Types of Operating System :

Computer OS has many different names but their work is the same. And that is to get the user to communicate with the computer system. and Manage Hardware. The names of the major OS so far are as follows. Windows OS, MAC OS, Linux OS, Ubuntu OS, Android OS, IOS, MS DOS OS, Symbian OS.

Other Types of Operating System :

  1. Multi User Operating System
  2. Single User Operating System
  3. Multitasking Operating System
  4. Multiprocessing Operating System
  5. Network Operating System
  6. Distributed Operating System

How does operating system work?

OS is the most important program of the computer. One who performs all the simple and important tasks. Such as understanding the keys being input by the keyboard, showing the output on the screen, managing files and directories on the hard disk, and communicating with all the necessary parts from the computer, all these things are included. Apart from this, it also performs many important functions like –

  1. Memory Management
  2. Processor Management
  3. Device Management
  4. File Management
  5. Security

Conclusion :

So friends, we hope that you will get the What is Linux Operating System from this article. Types of Operating System ? What is its job? And Functions of operating system ? And all the information related to it would have been found and you would have come to know everything about the OS very well.

If you liked this article of ours, then definitely tell us by commenting. If you have any question related to this, then tell us in the comment box, we will definitely answer your questions. And what you want to know about next, you can also tell us in the comment box.

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