After many years of underfunded Hellraiser sequels as an excuse to keep property rights

David Bruckner's Hulu reboot brings glory again to Cenobite lore.

Odessa A'zion performs Riley McKendry, an addict and the unfortunate heir of an unholy puzzle container regarded to followers as the Lemarchand Box or Lament Configuration

The purified pearly structure is now blanketed with an iron shell that resembles patterns on Riley's box

The Priest aka Pinhead has given Riley a desire to sacrifice herself

What she finds is a labyrinth of horrors akin to Dark Castle Entertainment's 2000s remake Thir13en Ghosts.

Surprise! Roland Voight is nevertheless very a lot alive and paid Riley’s boyfriend Trevor (Drew Starkey) handsomely to entice new tributes into the box's clutches.

Roland is additionally geared up with a golden mechanism that protrudes like an ax thru his backbone and out his rib cage