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Stomach is not cleaned properly

Yoga to Relieve Constipation: Often people have the problem of not getting their stomach clean due to constipation. Because of which the stomach does not remain well for the whole day and continues to suffer. When the stomach is not clean after waking up in the morning, people keep going around the bathroom many times. Because of this, most of his morning time is spent in the bathroom. If you are also troubled by this problem, then we tell you that there are some yoga asanas which can help you. Let us know about those special seats.


Naukasana yoga is of great use for those people who have the problem of constipation and because of this the stomach is not clean. Just this yoga should be done regularly. For this, spread the mat on the ground and sit with your legs spread in front. After this, bend the knees and raise the feet slightly above the ground and keep your hands in front. Sit in this position for some time and then slowly come back to your normal position.


Let us tell you that Kumbhakasana is very good for the stomach. Those who do this asana regularly do not have stomach related problems. Along with this, the hanging stomach also goes inside. For this, lie down on the ground on your stomach. After this, keep the toes of your feet on the ground, and lift the body and keep the palms on the ground. Stay in this state for a while and then come back to your normal state.


Balasana is also considered a very good posture for the stomach. This posture is like a child’s pose, hence it is called Balasana. To do this, sit on the ground by bending both the knees backwards and then keep your hands in front. Then, bending the body, keep the head on the ground. Stay in this state for a while and then come back to your normal state. The one who does this asana regularly does not have constipation problem and the stomach also remains inside.

Dheeru Rajpoot
Dheeru Rajpoot
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