Yemen Stampede: More than 85 people died in a stampede while taking zakat in Sana’a city of Yemen.

Yemen Stampede

Yemen Stampede: A stampede broke out during the distribution of zakat on the occasion of Ramadan in Yemen’s capital Sanaa. More than 85 people have died in the accident, while more than 322 were injured. Hundreds of people gathered at a school to collect zakat, reports It is being told that the amount of Zakat was 5,000 Yemeni Riyals (13 USD).

According to Yemen’s government, the dead and injured have been taken to nearby hospitals. Along with this, the people responsible for distribution of zakat have been taken into custody. Simultaneously, the matter is being investigated. Photos and videos of the incident are going viral on social media, however, we cannot show you the images due to the magnitude of the images.

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video of people crying for help

Videos viral on social media platforms showed dead bodies lying on the ground in a large campus. Some people are even shouting for help. Let us tell you that Eid al-Fitr is one of the most important festivals for Muslims.

According to two eyewitnesses (Abdel-Rahman Ahmed and Yahia Mohsen), the armed forces fired in the air in an attempt at crowd control. A bullet hit an electric wire, after which there was an explosion. After this there was a stampede at the spot.

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What is Zakat?

Explain that Zakat is a kind of charity. During Ramadan, almost every able-bodied Muslim withdraws some part of his total wealth accumulated during the whole year as Zakat and distributes it among the poor people.

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