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WPL: Want to buy flat in Kolkata, Team India’s batsman expressed great desire

New Delhi: Team India’s young wicketkeeper-batsman Richa Ghosh is all set to play for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the inaugural edition of the Women’s Premier League. Richa Ghosh, who has done well for Team India in the T20 World Cup, has spoken about her struggle.

RCB bought for Rs 1.9 crore

Talking about his struggle and difficulties in his journey, Ghosh said, “Initially many people of Siliguri did not support me. I was not getting a chance to move out of my district. The parents tolerated the evils of the people at that time. Today the same people come and are happy to meet us. My parents are happy that whoever harassed them is now coming to question them. Richa Ghosh was bought by RCB for Rs 1.9 crore in the Women’s Premier League auction held in Mumbai.

i want to buy a flat in kolkata

The 19-year-old Richa said- “I really used to like players who used to hit sixes to win matches. I felt like I wanted to hit those shots too. Richa has become one of the most sought after young sportspersons. In such a situation, she wants to use the money for something special. She said- “I want to buy a flat in Kolkata where my family can enjoy their life as they have struggled a lot. My father still umpires in the game and I don’t want him to work after the WPL. From now on me and my sister, both of us will work hard and let parents enjoy their lives.”

Richa’s father Manabendra Ghosh told the story of struggle

Richa’s father Manabendra Ghosh said- “When she started playing, I just thought it would be good for her fitness. I would keep an eye on him during my practice sessions. I suggested table tennis to him and took him to a local academy. She hit a few balls and put the racket down and said, ‘I will only play cricket.’ The Ghosh family fought hard to fulfill their daughter’s dreams. Manabendra even sold his business to support his career. He said- “I didn’t want to make any excuse as I was busy running the business which gave us income, but I could not support her career due to such busyness. Now that I have locked down my source of livelihood, I am free. So wherever he needs to go, I can go with him.”


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