WPL 2023: Father laborer… Daughter played cricket with borrowed shoes… Now this 15-year-old player will rock from MI


WPL 2023: It is said that hard work is such a thing, on the basis of which you can achieve everything. This proverb fits perfectly on 15 year old Sonav Yadav. This girl has made herself a good cricketer on the basis of her hard work, who will now be seen rocking her skills in the Women’s Premier League 2023.

Hailing from Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh, Sonam played for the women’s Under-19 team at the age of just 15 and played a major role in making India the champion. Recently, Sonam Yadav was roped in by Mumbai Indians for Rs 10 lakh during the auction held in Mumbai for the first season of the Women’s Premier League. Now this daughter of UP will be seen showing amazing performance in WPL 2023 starting from 4th March.

Father did double shift to fulfill daughter’s dreams

Sonam Yadav lives in Raja Ka Taal, a small village in Firozabad, UP. The financial condition of his family is not good. Father Mukesh Yadav works as a laborer in a glass factory. The youngest of 6 siblings, Sonam’s father used to work two shifts to fulfill her dream, as the wage earnings could barely meet the household expenses.

Sonam Yadav played cricket with borrowed shoes

15-year-old Sonam used to dream of becoming a cricketer from the beginning. But while fulfilling this dream, he had to struggle hard. There was a time that he needed shoes to practice, but did not have enough money to buy shoes. For this he played cricket with borrowed shoes.

brother left his studies

In a conversation with AFP news agency, Sonam told that the financial condition of her house was not good. The expenses for the education of 6-7 brothers and sisters used to run from the earnings of the father. But even father’s earning was not so much that everyone’s life could go on properly. After this, brother himself left studies to fulfill my dreams.

Brother gave wings to Sonam’s dreams by working in a factory with her father

Let us tell you that after leaving after 10th, Sonam’s brother started working in the factory along with his father and gave wings to his sister’s dream.

Sonam wants to buy a car for her father

Sonam Yadav, who was sold in the auction for Rs 10 lakh, wants to buy a car for her father. This is his dream. Along with this, he has expressed his desire to play all the three formats for Team India.

What is Sonam’s strength?

Sonam is a talented all-rounder. She bowls left arm spin. She also bats well in the middle order. Due to this all-round performance, the Mumbai Indians team has placed a bid of 10 lakhs on him. She is the youngest cricketer in WPL 2023.

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