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WPL 2023: For the first time in cricket… DRS was taken 2 times and the batsman survived the dismissal, watch video

New Delhi: Anything can happen in cricket, it is not said for nothing. It also proved this in a match played on Sunday. In fact, this is the first time in the history of cricket, when a second DRS has been taken over DRS in a match. Yes, the very first season of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) has once again witnessed total drama.

Both teams took DRS by one wicket

The match played between UP Warriors and Mumbai Indians witnessed something that the world has rarely seen before. DRS was used twice for one wicket in this match. Eventually the umpire had to change his decision.

This scene was seen in the 5th over. When Warriors bowler Sophie Ecclestone bowled the fifth ball to Mumbai opener Hayley Mathews, Hayley tried to stop this yorker. Ecclestone and wicketkeeper and captain Alyssa Healy made a loud appeal after seeing the ball entering between leg and bat. However, the umpire refused to give out. When Healy asked Ecclestone, he asked for a review. Eventually Healy took DRS.

Seen in the first review, the ball-shoe is fitted on the toe.

The third umpire reviewed it at first sight and showed that Mathews had stopped it with the bat. That is, the ball first hit the bat. However, it was seen in UltraEdge that the ball first hit the shoe. After this when the umpire saw the ball tracking, it had pitching inline, wicket hitting and impact inline. In such a situation, Mathews was declared out… but the picture was still pending.

Later it was found that the ball had hit the bat.

Batsman Mathews found it difficult to believe on this wicket. She started talking to bowler Ecclestone and opposition captain Alyssa Healy. On the other hand, both the field umpires also started discussing. After this, her teammate Yastika Bhatia, standing with Mathews, pointed out for DRS. Seeing this, the third umpire’s head was dizzy. He once again went to the review and this time he was shown that the ball had hit the ground and touched the bat directly. Frames were mounted on frames. Slowly reviewed, once again taking the ball closer to the shoe to see the spike. In which it was seen that the ball did not touch the shoe first. In such a situation, the third umpire had to change his decision and he declared Mathews not out from the onfield umpire. The onfield umpires were also stunned to see this sight.

However, this unique case of DRS has generated a lot of debate. Earlier, Mumbai Indians captain Harmanpreet Kaur made a new beginning by taking a review for wide in a match. He also got the umpire’s decision changed. In this match, Mumbai Indians won by 8 wickets.

Click on this link to watch the full drama of Double DRS.


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