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World War III: Former US President Trump’s big claim about the Third World War, said – I can stop it too

World War III: Former US President Donald Trump said that he is the only presidential candidate who can prevent the Third World War. World War III is certain, but I am the only presidential candidate who can prevent it after winning the election, he said during an event in Iowa on Monday.

This claim has been made by quoting Trump in a Newsweek report. According to the report, Trump said that he feels that there will be a third world war and when it happens, it will be a difficult time for the whole world. During the program, Trump also targeted the current US government.

Trump said that if there is a third world war during the tenure of US President Joe Biden’s government, America will be ruined, because Biden only acts while he should do his work honestly and hard. Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Trump said – If I win, I will end the war between Ukraine and Russia

The former US President said that if the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia does not end before the US presidential election in 2024 and if he is victorious in 2024, the Russia-Ukraine conflict will be resolved within 24 hours. Trump said that shortly after becoming president, he would resolve the devastating war between Russia and Ukraine.

He had earlier made similar remarks and claimed that he can end the conflict which has entered its second year. Trump said that he has a very good relationship with Vladimir Putin and the Russian President would listen to him.


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