Story of Papua New Guinea PM James Marpe: Arrest warrant was issued while he was Finance Minister, he is a magician of politics

James Marape

Papua New Guinea: In Papua New Guinea (PNG), there is usually no state honor for any leader visiting the country after sunset. But all the protocols, traditions were broken for PM Modi. Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the island nation of Papua New Guinea.

PM Modi reached Papua New Guinea on Sunday to participate in the Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FPIC). He was given a grand welcome at the airport by his counterpart James Marpe. He also touched the feet of PM Modi. After this unexpected incident at the capital Port Moresby airport, PM Modi patted James and hugged him. After this, Papua New Guinea started trending on Twitter on social media. Prime Minister James Marpe’s picture also started going viral.

Let us know 5 big things about James Marpe…

Who is James Marpe?

The 52-year-old James is the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea since 2019. He is the leader of Pangu political party of the country. Since 2007, he has been a continuous MP. Before becoming the PM, he was the Finance Minister of the country for seven years. The Marpe hail from Huli, the largest tribal community in the country.

He was a government officer before entering politics. His father was a pastor in the church. He is married to Rachel Marpe, who is originally from East Sepik Province. They have six children. On taking oath as PM, Marpe had said that he wanted to make Papua New Guinea the richest black nation in the world.

Worked in Personnel Management Department for 5 years

Marpe graduated in Arts from the University of Papua New Guinea in 1993. After this he has also obtained PG Honors in Environmental Science and Master’s degree in Business Administration. He did his early education from Minj Primary School in Highlands. He was the officer-in-charge of PNG Institute of Medical Research, Tari branch. From 2001 to 2006, he was also the Policy Assistant Secretary, Department of Personnel Management.

James is the 8th PM of the country.

James Marape is the 8th Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. He held several important cabinet positions in Papua New Guinea, including education and finance. In addition he also served as the Parliamentary Secretary for Works and Transport. Also served on the Parliamentary Referral Committee on Inter-Governmental Relations.

Anti-corruption body had issued arrest warrant

James Marpe contested the first parliamentary election in 2002. But the elections in his area were canceled due to violence. The by-election was held, but had to face defeat. In 2007, he became a Member of Parliament for the first time from the National Alliance Party. After the 2012 election, he became Finance Minister in Peter O’Neill’s government. But he was accused of corruption. The anti-corruption body issued an arrest warrant against him. After this, in April 201 Marpe had to resign from the post of Finance Minister. Marpe then left the People’s National Party and joined the Pangu Party.

Marpe adopted all the tricks to save the government

In 2020, an attempt was made to topple the Marape government through a no-confidence motion, which ultimately failed. On 10 November 2020, an attempt was made to remove Marpe from power. Marpe adopted all the handcuffs to save the government and saved his government. After this the Parliament was adjourned till April 2021.

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