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Now search WhatsApp messages by date, not by keyword! Know how?

WhatsApp update for iOS: WhatsApp keeps on offering various features for the users on its platform. However, it does not make its updates initially available to all users. This time also a new update has been released for iOS users on the platform. Under this, iPhone users will be able to take advantage of the new features of WhatsApp.

Actually, WhatsApp has rolled out its latest fully stable update for iPhone users. The update has been made available on the Apple App Store for iOS users. Through this new feature, iPhone users will be able to search messages according to the date.

You will be able to get new features by updating WhatsApp

The Meta-owned instant messaging and voice-over-IP platform has rolled out its latest stable update for iOS users on the Apple App Store with build number 23.1.75. The update has started reaching some iPhone users and is expected to roll out to all users soon.

Apart from the message, they will also be able to search

The latest update allows users to search for any message in chats by date. Apart from this, it also introduces drag-and-drop functionality between other apps for images, documents and videos that the user wants to share through WhatsApp.

Searching messages with the first keyword

WhatsApp users on iOS were previously limited to searching messages with keywords, but that has now changed with the introduction of the search-by-date feature on WhatsApp for iOS.

How to use WhatsApp Search-by-date Feature in IOS

The search-by-date feature appears as a scrollable menu inside the messaging window that allows users to set the date, month, and year they want to exclude. However, the scrollable menu appears to end on the date that the chat history of the particular message window begins. So the feature can double up as a quick way to check and navigate the current chat history timeline in each messaging window.

The latest update also retains the introduction made in the previous update that allows users to hide their online status and the Send Yourself Message shortcut, a chat window at the top of the user’s chat list. included in the Open.

However, it looks like the newly introduced WhatsApp update is currently showing up in the App Store for select users. So a wider rollout can be expected in the coming days.

Dheeru Rajpoot
Dheeru Rajpoot
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