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Learn how to send message to yourself on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp New Feature: The world’s famous instant messaging platform WhatsApp offers various updates or features to its users. Many of these features are liked by the users, while some features make it easier for the users to run the app. At the same time, once again a new feature has been rolled out on the platform.

Like Instagram and Facebook Messenger now WhatsApp (WhatsApp New Feature) has also released the feature of sending messages to oneself. Under the latest update, users will now be able to send messages to themselves on their WhatsApp account. The Message Yourself feature was being awaited on WhatsApp for a long time, which has now been started for the users. Let us know how you will be able to send yourself messages.

What is WhatsApp Message Yourself Feature?

Now on WhatsApp, users can send themselves notes, reminders, shopping lists and other types of messages. WhatsApp’s “Message Yourself feature” has become available on beta for all in addition to iOS and Android platforms. Under this, users can send messages to themselves in the same way as they send messages to others.

How to use ‘Message Yourself’ Feature

  • First of all open WhatsApp.
  • Go to the lower right corner of the screen of the app, click on the Xen button there.
  • There will be a contact list on the top, where you will be able to find your contacts.
  • Will be able to send message to himself by clicking on his contact.

How to use this feature on laptop?

To use the Message Yourself feature of WhatsApp, you have to open a link on your laptop. Go to on your laptop. After login here, you can use the feature. Similarly, you can use it on the phone as well. However, if you do not get this feature then it means that you should update your app.

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Dheeru Rajpoot
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