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The call will be made automatically on WhatsApp! This feature of Kamak is coming, know…

WhatsApp Group Call Schedule Feature: Every day some new feature keeps coming on the famous messaging platform WhatsApp. This can make the experience better for the users. In this year 2023, many new features have come on WhatsApp.

Even after the launch of new features, many features are ready to come. There are many features on the platform which can double the user experience. Through the upcoming feature, it can be easy for users to make calls from WhatsApp. Your call can be taken automatically without you having to dial yourself.

A feature called Group Call Schedule Feature may be coming soon on WhatsApp. In such a situation, this new update can come for Android and iOS users. Through this feature, users can schedule group calls. Let us know about it in detail.

working on features

According to the report of Wabetainfo, the WhatsApp schedule group calls feature is currently under development stage. Right now this feature is not ready to be launched for beta testers. If this feature is launched for users, then calling with other members of the group can be easy.

According to the report, the schedule group calls feature will be included in the menu of WhatsApp. A new option will be available in this, through which the call can be scheduled. It is expected that it will be introduced on WhatsApp under the name of scheduling option.

Message edit feature will come on WhatsApp

Another new feature is coming soon on WhatsApp, which is called Message Edit Feature. Through this, iOS users will be allowed to edit the message. If you accidentally send a wrong message to a user or want to make any correction in the sent message, then the message edit feature can come in handy.

This feature can be used up to 15 minutes after sending the message. Currently this feature is still a work in progress. The feature is not yet ready to be released to beta testers.


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