West Bengal: Mamta Banerjee got angry on BJP’s fact finding team, said- Manipur has been burning for two months, why didn’t you go there?

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West Bengal: In Bengal, BJP’s Fact Finding Committee headed by MP Ravi Shankar Prasad is visiting the violence affected areas. Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee has become angry on this. On Wednesday, he said that Manipur has been burning for two months, where is the Fact Finding Committee now? Where was this team when Assam was burning due to NRC? Where is this fact finding committee when 67% seats in UP do not have polling? Where was the Fact Finding Committee when wrestlers were protesting against the atrocities committed on them? Within 2 years in West Bengal, many teams and commissions visited Bengal. Around 154 teams have visited Bengal. This is BJP Protection Committee and not Fact Finding Committee.

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Violence by CPM workers

Mamta Banerjee said that the Panchayat elections are over. These elections are held through ballot boxes. The presiding officer-counting agents here are trained in advance, but we are responsible for this too, not the opposition? Polling could not be held in many seats of Trinamool Congress, but for this we instructed our workers-leaders not to protest or protest in any way. The assembly elections were held under the supervision of the Central Force. These elections were also held under the supervision of the Central Force.

He asked the question that elections were held at 71,000 booths, in how many areas did the incident take place? About 60 booths were vandalized, at some places water was also poured into the ballot box. I know this is done by CPM worker, why no action is taken against him? Why was there no arrest? We obeyed the court order. Central force was sent and we accepted it.

Will give jobs and compensation to the dependents of the dead

Mamta Banerjee said that it is unfortunate that so many people were killed. 19 people have died, they will be given 2 lakh compensation and special home guard jobs. These include 10 people from TMC as well. We will not provide help seeing the colors of any party, those who have died will be given compensation and jobs from the government.

Why is BJP’s money not being probed?

BJP is washing machine, you must have seen what BJP did in Maharashtra. They have bought the entire government. From where do they (BJP) get so much money? What is the source of this money? Why is it not being investigated? Why doesn’t ED-CBI investigate this.

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