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Weather Update: The weather will set fire! IMD’s alert regarding these states

Weather Update: In the coming days, temperatures are expected to be above the seasonal average in many areas except the southeast. The maximum temperature is likely to be 40 degree Celsius or more in some areas of Gujarat and coastal areas of Maharashtra till February 19. Even though the night temperatures have shown an increasing trend recently, the difference between day and night temperatures of the city remains substantial. Mumbai recorded a minimum temperature of 19.2 °C in the early hours of February 18, while the minimum temperature was recorded at 18.2 °C on February 17.

chances of fog

Light to moderate fog is possible in some areas of East and Northeast during Sunday morning/night. Above-normal temperatures are expected in Mumbai till Sunday (February 19) with the maximum and minimum settling at 37 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius, respectively, predicted by the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

By next week, the maximum temperature is expected to reach 33-34°C, while the minimum temperature will settle at 18°C.

situation may worsen

However, the weather in Mumbai in February 2023 has been markedly different as compared to February 2022. After not exceeding 34.8°C this time last year, the day temperature this week has been consistently above 35°C.

If the cold sea breeze continues over Mumbai, the situation may worsen further. There is a good chance that the temperature will go above 38-39 degree Celsius, making this February one of the hottest in the history of Mumbai.

this place will be cold

Besides this, a Western Disturbance will start affecting the Western Himalayan region, which will cause scattered snow. Snowfall is expected over Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand from February 19. Snowfall is likely to peak over the Ladakh region with total snowfall of 20 cm or more.


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