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Veterans said a big thing on Virat Kohli’s dismissal, know why questions are being raised on the umpire’s decision

Virat Kohli Out: Questions were raised after Team India’s star player Virat Kohli was dismissed in the second test. Kohli was dismissed by Matthew Kuhnman, but the decision given by umpire Nitin Menon is being questioned. The special thing is that many veteran cricketers have defended umpire Nitin Menon, while many players have supported Kohli.

Wasim Jaffer supported Kohli

Former Team India batsman Wasim Jaffer questioned the dismissal of Virat Kohli. He said that ‘this ball was not very much outside, so there is a lot of doubt in this decision’. Apart from Jaffer, many other players have also questioned this decision.

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Gavaskar-Mark Waugh said this to the umpire

At the same time, Sunil Gavaskar and Mark Waugh, former players of Team India and Australia, doing commentary during the match, umpire Nitin Menon defended. Waugh hailed Menon’s decision as a ‘brave decision’ as many umpires would have given the batsman the benefit of the doubt. Gavaskar, however, said that since the soft signal was given out, Menon’s on-field decision needed to be confirmed by the third umpire before overturning it, so the decision given by the umpire was very close.

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Kohli out for 44 runs

Actually, when Virat Kohli was batting on the score of 44 runs. Then the umpire raised his finger on the appeal made on the ball of Matthew Kuhnman. After which he was given out. But it was not clear in the replays whether the ball first hit the bat or the pad, but the third umpire also upheld the field umpire’s decision. Due to which he had to return.

However, controversy arose after this decision. Virat Kohli also questioned the umpire about the decision, while users on social media also questioned the umpire’s decision. Due to which this whole matter remained in discussion during the match today.

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