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Viral Video: Twitter CEO Elon Musk became a ‘god’ in Bengaluru! People performed aarti, cheered

Viral Video: People suddenly started worshiping Elon Musk, the owner of the social media platform Twitter and Tesla in Bengaluru. A man can be seen showing incense sticks in front of Musk’s picture. After showing the incense stick, the person also chanted ‘Baba Elon Musk ki Jai’.

Billionaire Elon Musk has over 129 million followers on social media worldwide. There is also a large number of Indians among them. His followers range from students, industrialists, IT employees to professionals. Recently a video from Bengaluru has gone viral in which some group of people can be seen worshiping Musk.

Why should people worship Musk?

Members of the Save Indian Family Federation (SIFF) have expressed happiness over Musk’s decision to take over the microblogging site Twitter. To celebrate this joy, SIFF organized a puja for Twitter CEO Musk at Freedom Park in Bengaluru. Meanwhile, some people showed incense sticks in front of Musk’s picture and also shouted.

A user named Sriman Narasimha tweeted that SIFF members are worshiping Elon Musk in Bengaluru for buying Twitter and allowing men to express their views against harassment. The tweet was accompanied by the caption that Musk is being worshiped for allowing people to express their views against the oppression of the authorities.

Social media users are commenting

After the video of Elon Musk’s worship was posted on Twitter, there was a flood of comments from the users. One user commented and wrote that Elon Musk has become God in India. Another jokingly wrote that brother, he is still alive, don’t show incense sticks.

Let us tell you that Elon Musk bought Twitter for $ 44 billion in October last year. Since then, Musk has made several changes to Twitter, including paid subscriptions, bookmark buttons, navigation style, among others. Apart from this, after taking command, Musk also showed the way out to many employees from Twitter. The company now has less than 2,000 employees. When Musk took charge of Twitter, the company had about 7,500 employees.


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