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Viral Video: … When a deer broke the glass in America’s school, then what happened was surprising

Viral Video: A stray deer entered a school in America. He entered the classroom breaking the glass. Fortunately, no child was present in the class at that time. Nor were any teachers present. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV installed in the classroom. People are commenting fiercely after watching the video.

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Deer overturned table and chair

This whole incident is from Evergreen Elementary School in Alabama, USA. As per information, the school premises was empty on February 11. At the same time a deer entered the classroom by breaking the glass. The deer overturned tables, chairs and other items.

deer sliding on the floor

The deer wandered here and there in the classroom for a long time. The floor was made of marble, so the deer was slipping. He can be seen struggling on the floor.

School management shared the video

Evergreen Elementary School management posted the video on their Facebook page. With this he wrote that at the end of this week an intruder entered the school. He wanted to see all the things that were going on in our school. Also he observed the other classroom of the school.

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