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Video Viral: 100-500 notes were blown from the roof of the house in the celebration of marriage, then this happened, you will be shocked

Gujarat: A video from Mehsana in Gujarat is going viral on social media. In this viral video, it can be seen that the young man is blowing 500 and 100 rupee notes from the roof of the house. A huge crowd of people has gathered under the house to collect them.

Former sarpanch rained notes

According to information, a former sarpanch in Gujarat’s Mehsana showered notes on his nephew’s wedding. Karim Yadav, former sarpanch of Angol village, stood on the roof of his house and blew 100 and 500 rupee notes, which a huge crowd of people gathered under the house to collect. At the same time, while collecting the notes being blown from the roof, a scuffle also took place among the people.

The rest of Karim’s family distributes notes to involve the entire village in the wedding celebration. During this, Karim was also taking out a procession in the entire village.


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