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These things are ending in the kitchen, so order them immediately

Vastu Tips For Kitchen: Vastu Shaastra has a big impact in everyone’s life. According to Vastu, every single thing kept in the house has great importance. Today we are talking about those things used in the kitchen which are found in everyone’s house. But do you know that if some things used in the kitchen should be ordered before they run out. Otherwise the result would not be good. Let’s know about those things which should be ordered before it ends.


Salt is found in everyone’s home. But today let us tell you that according to Vastu, if salt is about to run out in the house, bring salt before that. Actually, running out of salt in the kitchen is considered inauspicious. It is a belief that negative energy comes in the house due to the end of salt and due to this, mother Lakshmi also gets angry.

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Turmeric is given great importance in Hindu religion. It is not only used for cooking, but turmeric is also used in auspicious works. According to Vastu Shastra, if there is no turmeric in the kitchen, it causes Guru Dosha. That’s why whenever turmeric is about to end, take turmeric before that.

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It is not possible that there is no flour in any kitchen. But many times it happens that when the flour runs out in the kitchen, it has to be brought immediately. But let us tell you that flour should be brought to the house before the flour is over. Otherwise a pauper arrives in the house.

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mustard oil

Mustard oil is also such a Vastu which is found in everyone’s home. In fact, according to Vastu, mustard oil should be brought in the kitchen before it runs out. Tell that mustard oil is related to Shani Dev. If you want Shani Dev not to be angry with you, then bring the oil before it runs out.

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