US Tornado: Tornado storm caused severe devastation in America, killed more than 20

US Tornado

US Tornado: America has once again been hit by a devastating tornado. More than 20 people have been reported dead due to the storm and tornado in different parts of America. At the same time, dozens of people are said to be injured. The injured have been admitted to hospital. The administration is continuously running relief and rescue operations in the affected areas.

A fierce tornado struck Little Rock and neighboring cities in the US state of Arkansas on Friday. In which many people died and pictures of devastation troubled America. The tornado caused panic among the people in the residential areas. Two tornadoes severely affected parts of the southern US state of Arkansas. The tornado destroyed large buildings as well as small houses. Big cars flew in the air.

The natural disaster caused devastating devastation in Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas. The Office of Emergency Management in Pulaski County said several people were hospitalized in serious condition after the storm. Dozens of people were trapped in the debris due to this fierce tornado. Rescue teams had to struggle a lot to get them out.

The storm killed two people in the Wynne area, about 160 km east of Little Rock near the Tennessee border, according to the governor of Arkansas. The governor’s office, which swung into action after the storm, imposed an emergency in the state. According to the police, many areas in the western end of the city were the most affected by the tornado. Eleven people were injured by the tornado in the city near North Little Rock, across the Arkansas River. One of whom is in critical condition.

During the roar of the tornado, strong wind, heavy rain and at some places heavy hailstorm filled the people with panic. Footage posted by The Weather Channel shows a heavily damaged area of ​​Little Rock. In which the roofs and walls of many houses are missing. Some of which have collapsed and vehicles parked on the roads overturned. According to the information, on Friday night, more than 90 thousand people’s houses in the surrounding areas including Little Rock lost power and about three lakh houses in different states of America are troubled due to lack of electricity.

Just a few days ago, a tornado created such terror in Mississippi, America, that only debris could be seen far and wide. This tornado moving at a speed of about 150 kilometers is writing a new story of devastation and destruction in the world’s most powerful country.

It seems as if the heart of the earth has burst and a hole has been made in the chest of the sky. This whirlwind of dust dancing hundreds of feet above with strong wind is passing through. Ruining everything. Not a single house survived. The tornado was so powerful and dangerous that big houses were destroyed. The car started flying like straw. As if this storm had come with the intention of destroying everything and wherever it passed it left a trail of devastation.

The tornado has wreaked havoc in the Rolling Fork-Mississippi Delta City. People’s houses have turned into a pile of debris. Along with the buildings, the water tower has also collapsed. Tornado has made such an attack that not only the roof of the houses but the whole house has turned into a pile of debris.

According to the report, the speed of the tornado was so fast that due to this, the debris spread in the devastation flew up to 30 thousand feet. The tornado remained on the ground for about 1 hour. Mississippi Mayor Tate Reeves told that rescue operation is being run in the affected area.

The most devastation has occurred in the town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi. The speed of Tornado was so fast that all the windows of the houses were broken. More than half of the town has been completely destroyed. ‘Tornado’ is also considered one of the most dangerous storms in the world.

Now let us tell you how powerful a tornado is. A tornado can last for several minutes or hours. It runs at a speed of up to 1000 km / h. The path it passes through leaves a trail of devastation up to three kilometers in width. More tornadoes occur in the spring and summer. Most tornadoes are accompanied by thunderstorms.

Nature has wreaked havoc on America in such a way that the tornadoes that usually come in May-June are causing havoc in March itself. It is making many cities of America feel its power. After about 10 years, there has been an orgy tornado in Mississippi. There are 1,000 tornado warnings in the US each year. An average of 100 people die every year. The highest number of 553 people were killed in 2011.

When devastation struck, His Excellency Joe Biden also gave his message from the White House. Biden said in his statement, ‘ We will be present on the spot as long as needed. We will work together to help you. More thunderstorms and potentially large hail are predicted for parts of Alabama and Georgia through early Sunday. This terrifying tornado destroyed dozens of buildings, overturned cars and downed power lines in several small towns.

Trucks and trees piled atop buildings and debris was scattered over a large area. It is not yet clear whether there was one or multiple tornadoes during the night. According to officials, the devastation of the tornado is visible up to 160 km. However, the danger is not over yet. More than 20 million people in the southern US and parts of the Midwest are at risk of severe storms on Sunday.

The sight is so horrifying that one cannot believe his eyes. Perhaps the people here had never seen such a scene before. All the garbage of the city road started diving into the sky on its own. The debris of the land started floating in the atmosphere. This attitude of Tornado storm shocked everyone. In a country like America, such a huge devastation can be caused by a storm, so guess what could be the result of such a tornado in other countries of the world.

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