US President Election: 80-year-old Biden will again contest the election of US President, announced by releasing VIDEO of attack on White House

Biden on Pakistan

US President Election: US President Joe Biden has announced on Tuesday to contest the presidential election to be held in 2024. He is currently 80 years old. Biden announced his candidacy by tweeting a video of the violent protest outside the White House. The video also has a picture of Indian-origin US Vice President Kamala Harris with Biden.

In his tweet, Biden wrote that every generation has an opportunity when they have to stand up to save democracy. This is for fundamental freedom. That’s why I’m going to run for re-election for the presidency of the United States of America. Join us

On April 15, Biden also indicated to contest the election in a press conference. In 2020 also, Biden announced his candidature on 25 April itself.

Biden is the oldest president in American history

Biden is the oldest president in US history. If he wins re-election, he will be 86 at the end of his second term. Biden has said he intends to run for the Democratic nomination in 2024 but has not yet made a formal announcement. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris said they would run together.

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