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United States Kailasa: Fugitive Nityananda in headlines for new country ‘Kailasa’, know – conditions of recognition of new nation

United States of America: Controversial religious leader Nityananda absconding in the rape case is once again in the news. In February 2023, a picture of a woman was seen at a United Nations meeting and then Nithyananda and his new country ‘Kailaasa’ suddenly started being discussed. Please tell that in October 2019, Nithyananda had fled the country. A year later, he launched a website called ‘Kailaasa’. According to the website, it is the world’s largest digital Hindu nation.

In August 2020, Nithyananda announced the launch of the Reserve Bank of Kailasa. Also, he named the official currency of his country as the ‘Kalachian Dollar’. Kailasa’s website claims to have embassies in 150 countries.

According to the website, the languages ​​spoken in the Kailasa country include English, Sanskrit, and Tamil. The national animal of this country is Nandi while the national flag is also there. Nithyananda’s picture is on the flag. Like India, the national flower of Kailasha has been described as lotus and the national tree as banyan.

After all where is Nityananda’s country Kailasa

There are cases of rape and sexual harassment on Nithyananda in India, although he has denied these allegations and told himself to be innocent. After fleeing the country in 2019, he bought an island off the coast of Ecuador, which he named Kailasa after Lord Shiva, although Nithyananda has never appeared in public since then.

Vijayapriya, who was part of Kailasa’s delegation at the United Nations meeting held in Geneva on February 24, claimed that 20 lakh immigrant Hindus live in the country of the religious leader. During a discussion organized by the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) in Geneva, Vijayapriya demanded protection for Nithyananda, the supreme presiding deity of Hinduism. Actually, in this discussion of UN, there is talk about human rights violations. In this discussion, any person or group or organization can go and keep their point.

How can one make one’s own country, how does one get recognition?

Nithyananda’s Republic of Kailasa has all that is needed for a recognized country. Like- own currency, recognized language, national flower, national animal, national flag etc. At present, there is no concrete information about Nityananda’s recognition of Kailasa from the United Nations, because Nityananda is declared a fugitive from India. Interpol has issued a notice against Nithyananda. Now the question is that if the last one wants to make his own country then how is it possible?

According to reports, it is absolutely necessary for a new country to fulfill several conditions of International Law. Despite fulfilling these essential conditions, if there is any kind of doubt or apprehension, then your recognition can be canceled.

What are the conditions for creating a separate country?

To make someone a separate country, the most important thing is to decide the border of the country. Means from where your country is starting and where its border ends. The second important thing is to get recognition from the United Nations. Sometimes some small countries give recognition to other countries like themselves for help and keep doing transactions with them.

Actually, after getting recognition from United Nations, the way to take loan from international bank or any big country becomes easy. For recognition from the United Nations, a letter has to be written to the Secretary General. According to the information, after receiving the letter, there are questions and answers in the UN Charter on the recognition of the new country, why are you a different country? How can you be of benefit to the world? You will also have to prove yourself peace-loving in the question-answers for the recognition of the new country.

Who is fugitive religious leader Nityananda?

Nithyananda was born on January 1, 1978 in Tamil Nadu. After finishing his schooling in 1992, Nityananda completed his Mechanical Engineering studies in 1995. During his stay in India, he claimed that from the age of 12 he started taking education in Ramakrishna Math. Since January 2003, Nithyananda has opened several ashrams.

In 2010, a case of cheating was registered against Nithyananda. This year one of her sex CDs came out. He was also arrested in the case. Two years later, in 2012, a case of rape was registered against Nithyananda. In November 2019 too, a case was registered against him for abducting girls and taking them hostage.


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