Umesh Pal Murder Case: After 17 years… Mafia Atiq and his brother Ashraf may get 10 years imprisonment to death sentence

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New Delhi: Gangster Atiq Ahmed has reached Prayagraj’s Naini Central Jail. On Monday, he was brought from Sabarmati Jail to Prayagraj under tight security of the UP Police. Prayagraj’s MP-MLA court will pronounce its verdict on Tuesday in the ongoing Umesh Pal kidnapping case against Atiq and his brother Ashraf.

Both will be present in the court

Both will be present in the court at the time of judgement. In view of this, strict security arrangements have been made in the court as well. The special thing is that one of the sections against both the accused in this case, 364A is also included. Under this, there is also a provision for imprisonment ranging from ten years to death.

Umesh Pal fought a long legal battle

Umesh Pal was murdered last month, the charge of which is also on Atiq and his brother. Atiq and Umesh have been kept in the high security barracks of the Naini Central Jail. Actually, Umesh Pal had fought a long legal battle to get the mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf punished. It took almost 17 years, but on March 28, just 31 days before the verdict, Umesh Pal was shot dead. Umesh Pal was returning home only after hearing the kidnapping case.

Umesh Pal had completed his testimony while alive.

Atiq Ahmed’s family is also named in this murder which took place near his house in broad daylight. The abductors have also been accused of murder. If convicted in such a case, then section 364A has a provision of 10 years imprisonment to death sentence. While alive in this case, Umesh Pal had completed his testimony.

Why was Umesh Pal kidnapped?

In fact, in the Raju Pal murder case in 2005, Umesh Pal testified against Atiq Ahmed. He was kidnapped in 2006 for this. Raju Pal was a leader in Prayagraj. In the 2002 assembly elections, Raju Pal contested against Ateeq Ahmed from the Prayagraj West seat, but lost. In 2004, the same seat fell vacant after Atiq became MP from Phulpur seat in the Lok Sabha elections and resigned from the Legislature.

Atiq selected his brother Khalid Azim for this seat. Whereas Raju Pal got ticket from BSP. Raju Pal defeated Khalid Azim by a narrow margin of 4,818 seats. Atiq’s family was horrified to see his defeat. On January 25, 2005, Raju Pal was returning home from the hospital when his car was shot dead in a rapid fire. Umesh Pal had testified in this case.

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