Twitter’s new policy released, now if Violent tweets, account will be deleted

twitter new policy 1

Twitter New Violent Speech Policy: Twitter has now become stricter than ever on violent tweets. Twitter has released its new violent speech policy on Wednesday. According to which zero tolerance will now be adopted on violent speech.

These contents will be closely monitored

Twitter gave information about this by tweeting. According to the new policy, tweets containing threats of violence, content intended to harm others, content glorifying violence and inciting violence will be closely monitored.

No review now, immediate action will be taken

According to Twitter, the new policy will now emphasize stopping violent behavior. In the new policy issued by the microblogging platform, it has been clarified that users should not tweet violent content on its platform. Immediate action will be taken against those who do this.

this action will be

Accounts violating the new policy will be permanently deleted and banned. However, the new policy also states that users with ‘less serious violations’ will have to remove the offending content before they can access their account again. Till now, action was taken on those accounts after reviewing statements that tried to cause physical harm, tweets that expressed intent to harm or made vague or indirect threats.

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