Twitter’s ex-boss Jack Dorsey claims – had to face pressure during the farmer’s movement; Union Minister said – this is absolutely false

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey: Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has claimed in an interview that he had to face government pressure during the farmer’s movement.

In fact, Dorsey has given an interview to the YouTube channel Breaking Points, claiming that at that time Twitter had received many requests from India, including accounts covering the farmer’s movement, as well as those opposing the government for the movement. The accounts were asked to be closed.

News agency ANI has tweeted about the interview. It is being said that Jack Dorsey was asked whether you had to face any kind of pressure from any foreign governments in the past years? Dorsey said that such requests had come to him from India, in which requests were made regarding the protest of the farmers.

Farmers had started the movement

Tell that in the year 2021, the Government of India had brought three agricultural laws. After a lot of protest, the government had withdrawn these three black laws. Thousands of farmers protested against these three laws on the border of Delhi, which started around November 2020.

Government of India called Dorsey’s claim false

Twitter’s co-founder Dorsey’s claim was rejected by the Indian government’s minister. IT Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Tuesday strongly denied former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s claim that the social media platform came under pressure from the Indian government during the farmers’ protest.

Taking to Twitter to refute Dorsey’s allegation, Chandrasekhar said, “This is a blatant lie by @jack – probably an attempt to erase that very questionable period of Twitter history (sic).”

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