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Turkey-Syria earthquake: Death toll crosses 46,000, 3 people found alive after 13 days

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have killed thousands of people. More than 46,000 people have died so far in the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria 12 days ago. More than three million apartments in Turkey have now been destroyed and many are still missing. Meanwhile, in Turkey, the rescue team pulled out three people alive from the debris after 13 days. One of them is a child.

Here, the dead body of Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu has been found in Turkey’s Hatay. His house was destroyed by the earthquake. The 31-year-old Atsu joined the Turkish Super League club in September itself.

more than 40 aftershocks

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey’s southeastern Kahnemaras province on 6 February. This was followed by more than 40 aftershocks in Turkey and neighboring Syria. The earthquake was so severe that thousands were buried under the rubble of buildings. According to the Reuters News Agency report, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and northern Syria has caused a lot of damage to the earth. Two big cracks have come in the earth, out of which one crack is 300 kilometers. Here the ground shifted up to 23 feet in two opposite directions.

Kahramanmaras city became a cemetery

The southern Turkish city closest to the epicenter of the devastating earthquake has become the Kahramanmaraş cemetery. A number of thousands of new graves have been observed. There were 3 major earthquakes in the morning of February 6 in Turkey and Syria. According to Turkish time, the first earthquake occurred at around 4 am (7.8), the second at around 10 am (7.6) and the third at 3 pm (6.0).


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