Turkey Drone: Turkey gave deadly drone Akinci to Pakistan, told Kashmir as part of neighboring country


Turkey Drone: In the difficult times when people are losing their lives to get free flour, weapons are being bought there. Yes… We are talking about the neighboring country of Pakistan. Turkey has given its most lethal and state-of-the-art drone Akinci to Pakistan’s Air Force.

Turkey has put a new patch on the drone, on which Kashmir has been described as a part of Pakistan. Pakistan is shown in green and Turkey in red in this patch. A red moon and star is shown in the middle of the map of the two countries.

Game of Drones is written on this patch, which is taken from the popular TV series Game of Thrones. On which it is written that fear gives a deeper wound than a sword. The strength of Pakistan’s Air Force has increased with this drone.

This drone specializes in fighting in the air

This drone specializes in fighting in the air. It is also equipped with cruise missiles. Last year, Turkish drone company Baykar had given training to Pakistani soldiers to fly Akinci drones. Turkey has supplied this drone to 5 countries. This includes Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan.

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