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Keep these things in mind while worshiping Tulsi

Tulsi Remedies: Tulsi plant is such a plant which is found in almost everyone’s yard. Tulsi is considered to be of great importance in Hinduism. Talking about Vastu Shastra, Tulsi has great importance in that too. Actually, according to Vastu, having a Tulsi plant in the house brings positive energy. And there is peace and happiness in the house. But in a house where there is no Tulsi plant, negative energy resides there and there remains an atmosphere of discord and conflict in the house. Tulsi is worshiped in every house, but today we are going to tell you some such tips for worshiping Tulsi, which will not allow shortage of food and money in your home.

Benefits of Tulsi: Tulsi planted in the courtyard of the house also takes care of health, know its benefits

put turmeric in the lamp

Turmeric is used in auspicious programs in Hinduism. When someone gets married, there is a ceremony of turmeric. Actually Lord Vishnu is worshiped with turmeric. That’s why it is believed that Lord Vishnu is pleased by using turmeric in worship. In the house where there is Tulsi, the people of that house should worship Tulsi regularly. Along with this, a lamp should be lit daily, but if there is a shortage of money in the house, then put turmeric in the lamp and light it. By doing this there will be no shortage of money and grains in your house.

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keep the rice under the lamp

In Hinduism, rice is used in worship. Explain that rice is called Akshat. If you are troubled by poverty, then while lighting a lamp in Tulsi, keep some akshat under it. By doing Asia, Maa Lakshmi will reside in your house, poverty will go away.

Tulsi Vastu Tips: If you are planting Tulsi plant at home, then take care of these things

light a flour lamp

Many people light an earthen lamp while worshiping Tulsi. Although there is no harm in lighting an earthen lamp, but according to Vastu, flour lamp is good to remove the lack of food and money in the house. Let us tell you that by lighting a lamp made of flour under basil, there is no shortage of food along with money in the house. Keep in mind that feed this flour lamp to the cow the next day. If you throw it in the garbage, it will be considered an insult to food.

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