Japan News: Masked man stabs woman, shoots two policemen in Japan, all three die in hospital


Japan News: A masked man stabbed a woman after stalking them on Thursday in the Nagano region of central Japan. Hearing the screams of the woman, two policemen ran to save her. But the accused fired at them. All the three injured were taken to the hospital, where they were declared brought dead. Another one is injured. The attacker is hiding in a building. Efforts are on to control it. The officers have instructed the people around to stay in their homes.

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incident at 4.30 pm

According to police, they received information about a man stabbing a woman in northern Nagano around 4:30 p.m. Thursday. The attacker shot two police personnel who reached the spot after getting the information. There is another injured. He has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Police say that the accused has covered his face with a mask. He is wearing a cap on his head. He has sunglasses on his eyes.

Police instructed people to stay in homes

Police have advised people living in the vicinity to stay indoors and avoid stepping out for non-essential reasons. Meanwhile, children who are still in local elementary and junior high schools have been instructed to remain there. The accused has not been arrested yet.

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