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This thing will make hair thick, strong and shiny

Thick hair TIPS: Egg can make your hair strong, black and thick. Experts say that the yellow part of the egg, which is called Egg Yolk, gives a good amount of protein to the hair. Which helps in accelerating their growth. People whose hair is dry or breaking should especially apply the yellow part of the egg on the hair. By doing this they become soft, shiny, dense and strong.

Actually, when your hair does not get enough protein, it starts breaking. At the same time they become thin. That’s why there is neither a good hairstyle nor a new look is available. That’s why you can use eggs for thick hair. Know below how to use egg to make hair thick.

Egg hair mask for thick hair

  • First of all take out the yolk of 2 eggs.
  • Whisk it well and mix it.
  • After this, apply the whipped yolk on the scalp.
  • Then after about half an hour wash the hair with warm water.
  • You can use this recipe twice a week.
  • By applying egg to the hair, the hair becomes thick, black and strong.

Keep in mind this important thing

Actually, egg is a storehouse of nutrients, in which the most important protein is. Protein is very important for hair. Experts recommend that anyone who has normal hair can use both the parts of the egg i.e. yellow and white. On the other hand, women with oily hair should apply egg white on the scalp.

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