There was no money for the fees yet Fatima, the mother of two children, became a pilot like this, read the story of struggle

Good News Know Struggle Story Of Fatima

Hyderabad: The daughter of a simple bakery worker in Hyderabad, Fatima once dreamed of becoming a pilot. Announcing at an event, Fatima said that she wanted to become a pilot, then perhaps no one would have thought that this little girl would one day turn her dream into a reality and fly across continents.

used to collect pictures in childhood

Fatima has the distinction of becoming the youngest female pilot to command an Airbus 320 in this male-dominated profession. Describing her journey according to a report, Fatima says that I used to look at the sky at a very young age and I wanted to see the clouds more closely. As a child, I used to collect pictures of different planes.

People made fun of hearing about the dream

After passing the intermediate examination, he took admission in coaching for engineering entrance examination conducted by an Urdu soldier. When people came to know about his dream, they made fun of me. At an event during her coaching, Urdu Sainik editor Zahid Ali Khan asked her what she wanted to be. So she said that she wants to become a pilot.

Completed training despite challenges

Seeing my passion for my dream, Editor Salva got me enrolled in Andhra Aviation Academy in 2007. Despite initial setbacks, she persevered and eventually completed her training. Fatima tells that she says my best moment was when I took off for the first time.

Appreciated by Gulf Aviation Academy

Fatima tells that I wore hijab while training in India and abroad. She has never had any problems because of the hijab. He said that he was appreciated at the Gulf Aviation Academy in Bahrain. Photos of her hijab and pilot’s uniform were published in a magazine.

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