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The Night Manager Review: Dose of suspense, crime and drama in Indian International series, Anil Kapoor’s character will make you stunned

Ashwini Kumar: This is the era of remakes and adaptations. Bollywood is sticking to Hindi by picking up South’s material and OTT is going a step ahead and doing Hindi adaptation of international stories.

Difficulties often come that the stories which have already become popular all over the world, often lose their effect when they are presented with another language, another star cast and another background. But that is not the case at all with The Night Manager released on Disney Hotstar.

Indian International Series

Sandeep Modi along with Priyanka Ghosh and Rukh have created a new world on the original story of BBC’s very popular Same series and have made it such that you can say that this series is Indian International.

Detective, Suspense, Crime & Drama

The story of The Night Manager moves along with the situation in India and its neighboring countries. This espionage, suspense, crime drama has been woven between the political situation, tension of Myanmar, Burma, Sri Lanka, Middle East.

three and a half hour web series

In The Night Manager, you see such an amazing combination of love, deception and emotional relation with the working style of Secret Services, Arms Deal of International Criminals and Political Connection, which is just 4 episodes i.e. just three and a half hours web series. Keeps you hooked

story in last episode

Just the jolt comes, when the story is picking up in the last episode of the first season, the hooter of End of Part One is heard, teasing you a lot in the middle of the intense suspense sequence between Shelly Rungta and the Night Manager Is.

night manager

The story begins with the dream of a night manager of a seven star hotel, whose past doesn’t let him sleep and he takes the night shift in the hotel where he works. Actually, this night manager named Shaan Sengupta, is an ex navy lieutenant.

through the Indian High Commission

Jo seeks help from Lipika, who works at RAW’s Bangladesh desk through the Indian High Commission in Dhaka, to save a girl child. But the news of this reaches Shaily Rungta, an arms dealer hiding behind the cloak of a big hotelier and businessman, and that girl is killed.

research department

The night manager, who came in trouble due to this accident, works as a night manager in a hotel in Shimla. Lipika has also been given a low profile demotion to a research department after being removed from RAW’s Bangladesh desk.

brij paul stairs become

After some time, Rungta, the night manager, reaches Shaan’s hotel with his entire entourage, then begins… Shaan’s nightmares and that undercover operation of RAW’s script, in which Shaili Rungta’s very beautiful second wife Kaveri, His son, and his partner Brij Paul make the stairs.

Night manager’s biggest feature

The great thing about Night Manager is that each character has a secret past of their own, which makes them more interesting. The story has been woven so neatly that each character becomes special.

It has been shot in such international locations and stylishly, that you will not realize that you are watching an Indian web series. Night Manager’s background score is very intense and editing is commendable.

Anil Kapoor style

Coming to the performance, Anil Kapoor as Shelly Rungta will gnash your teeth. The style, attitude and appearance of 66 year old Anil Kapoor is so tremendous that you will become crazy about him. Aditya Roy Kapur as the night manager Shaan Sengupta is a treat to watch.

Best work of Aditya

This is Aditya’s best work so far, both his fitness and expressions are perfect this time. Don’t forget to wince at Sobhita Dhulipala as Shelly’s second wife Kaveri… to paise wapas, she is beautiful and the secrecy in her character makes her character even more seductive.

Tilottama Shome as RAW officer Lipika is the best performer in Night Manager, amazing performance. Brij Pal Bane Saswat Chatterjee is also in its full form.

Night manager co 3.5 stars

This 4 episode show is the perfect binge watch to finish in one sitting and yes, you can also watch the original British version of Night Manager on Prime Video, that too is highly recommended by us. The Night Manager has 3.5 stars.


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