Tamil Nadu Minister CV Ganesan claims – The talk of attack on laborers from North India in the state is false

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Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu Labor Welfare and Skill Development Minister CV Ganesan has said that the news of attack on laborers from North India in the state is absolutely false. The minister said that there is no truth in the news circulating on social media. He assured that appropriate action would be taken against those spreading such news.

CV Ganesan said in a press release on Friday that there is no danger to any worker from North India in Tamil Nadu, they are contributing very well. The minister said that industrial companies big and small have been investing in Tamil Nadu on a large scale for many years and workers from many states come here to work in a peaceful environment and contribute to the development of the state.

Ganesan said – not even an iota of truth

The release said that malicious news is being spread by some people on social media that workers from North India are being attacked at some places in Tamil Nadu with malafide intention. He said that everyone in Tamil Nadu including the people of North India knows that there is not an iota of truth in this.

He said that I want to say that not only the workers of North India in Tamil Nadu, but the workers of all the states are working peacefully and efficiently without any fear.

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