Tamil Nadu: Acid thrown at wife in Coimbatore court, lawyers beat her fiercely, husband was upset over this?

Acid Attack

Tamil Nadu: There was a stir in the Coimbatore court of Tamil Nadu on Thursday when a man threw acid on his wife. Along with the woman, a lawyer also got scorched in the acid attack. After committing the incident, the accused started running away, but the lawyers nabbed him.

He has been handed over to the police after beating. The woman had come to appear in the court in a case. She has about 80 per cent burns.

Woman was caught in theft case six years ago

Kavitha, 33, of Kaveri Nagar in Ramanathapuram in Coimbatore, was arrested in 2016 for stealing a 10 tola gold chain from a bus passenger. These days she was out on bail. But the matter was in the court, so she used to appear for the hearing on the fixed date.

Woman was going to court room, then acid attack happened

On Thursday, Kavita was going to the Judicial Magistrate II Court for the hearing of the same case. Her husband Shiva was following. On reaching the corridor of the court, an argument started between the two. Shiva asks her to walk home, but Kavita refuses to follow and stay.

Then Shiva poured the acid kept in the water bottle on Kavita. Kavita started writhing in pain. Seeing this, a woman lawyer standing nearby tried to save her, but she too got burnt. In a hurry, both were sent to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital.

Lawyers thrashed, then handed over to police

At the same time, other lawyers nabbed Shiva who was running away. He was severely beaten up. After this he was handed over to the police.

Police say that Kavita is badly burnt below the neck. Doctors told that she has 80 per cent burns. His condition is critical.

Woman used to live separately from husband and children

Please tell that the accused Shivkumar alias Shiva is a lorry driver. He also has two children. But Kavita remains separated from her children and husband. It is alleged that Kavita has an illegal relationship with a person. There used to be a dispute between the two regarding this matter.

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