Case of burning Quran in Sweden: India supported Pakistan’s proposal in UNHRC, many Muslim countries also came together

Sweden Quran burning

Sweden Quran Burning: India has supported Pakistan’s resolution in the United Nations Human Rights Council against the incident of Quran burning in Sweden. This resolution related to religious hatred was approved on Wednesday. In Sweden’s capital Stockholm, a man insulted the Quran in front of the mosque last month. The incident was condemned by the European Union, Pope Francis and the government of Sweden, along with all Islamic countries.

Voted in protest in 12 countries

Pakistan had presented a proposal on behalf of OIC of 57 countries on burning of Quran. The United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution against religious hatred. In whose favor 28 countries voted. 12 countries voted in opposition and 7 countries abstained.

However, Western countries including the US and Britain opposed Pakistan’s proposal. argued that the resolution was designed to protect religious symbols rather than human rights. Representatives of some countries applauded after the motion was passed.

Ambassador of Pakistan said this

After the vote, Pakistan’s ambassador Khalil Hashmi stressed that the resolution does not seek to curtail the right to free speech, but seeks to strike a judicious balance between it and special duties and responsibilities.

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Hashmi said that some people’s opposition stems from their reluctance to condemn the public desecration of the Holy Quran or any other religious book. They lacked the political, legal and moral courage to condemn this act, and that was the least the council could expect from them. However, the day before the US ambassador to the council, Michelle Taylor, said that the United States strongly condemns the acts that led to today’s discussion. Which also includes the insult of the Holy Quran on 28 June.

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