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‘Don’t underestimate the greatness of Hinduism’, Supreme Court dismisses petition seeking renaming of cities

Supreme Court: The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a PIL seeking renaming of cities. This PIL was filed on behalf of advocate Ashwini Upadhyay. In the petition, the court was demanded to direct the Central Government to constitute a ‘Renaming Commission’. There was a demand that a ‘Renaming Commission’ should be set up to find out and restore the original names of historical, cultural and religious places that were changed by foreign invaders.

A bench of Justices KM Joseph and BV Nagaratna questioned the purpose of the PIL filed by Upadhyay, saying it would revive issues that would vitiate the atmosphere of the country. Justice KM Joseph said that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. There is no fanaticism in Hinduism. The court said that do not dig up the past, it will only create animosity.

PIL was filed earlier this month

Upadhyay had earlier this month filed a PIL seeking a direction to the Center to set up a ‘naming commission’ to restore the original names of ancient historical, cultural and religious places that were renamed by foreign invaders. The demand was made.

The PIL states that the name of the Mughal Gardens was recently changed to Amrit Udyan, but the government did nothing to rename the streets after the invaders, saying that the continuation of these names was guaranteed under the Constitution. is against sovereignty and other civil rights.

“We are celebrating 75th anniversary of independence but there are many ancient historical cultural religious places named after brutal foreign invaders, their servants and family members,” the PIL said.

The court said – we should protect the constitution and all classes

The court said that India is a secular country, it is a secular forum. We must protect the Constitution and all sections. You want to rekindle things that should be suppressed and not create resentment.

Justice BV Nagaratna said that Hinduism is a way of life due to which India has assimilated all. Because of that we are able to stay together. The divide and rule policy of the British had created a divide in our society. We don’t want that back.


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