Summer skin care: Apply 1 white thing on the face at night in summer… spots, pimples, tanning all disappear, you will get tremendous glow

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Summer skin care: To get a glowing skin, you should include curd in your skin care routine. While curd cools the body in summer, it proves to be a panacea for the skin as well. With the help of curd, you can get rid of dozens of skin problems. Its use makes the face beautiful, soft and shiny. The special thing is that in summer, applying curd on the face at night removes tanning and acne.

summer facial problems

Skin related problems increase in the summer season. Sweat comes on the face. Due to which the problem of getting pimples increases. At the same time, due to sunlight, the face becomes dry. Rashes happen. The risk of oily skin starts increasing. Skin experts say that the scorching sun, pollution, smog take away the tone of your skin. This is the reason why it becomes very important to take special care of the skin during the summer season.

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Curd is beneficial for the skin

Sun rays in summer can give rise to blackheads and acne. Which you can remove with the help of some things present in the house. Also these problems can be avoided. With the help of curd you can not only Skin Can take care of but can also change the complexion of the face. It gives coolness to the skin. Removes pimples and brings glow on the face.

Beneficial curd face pack for glowing skin

  • First of all take cold curd.
  • Apply it on the face in a double layer.
  • Leave it like this for 30 minutes.
  • Then massage with light hands.
  • After this wash the face with plain water.
  • Then do not apply anything on the face for 2 hours.
  • Do this before sleeping at night.

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benefitThis face pack of curd will give moisture to your skin. Will clean the dirt of the face. Will remove tanning. Also, it will save from pimples. Using it twice a week can also bring back the lost glow. The nutrients found in curd are also known to improve the complexion of the skin. Its use brings glow on the face.

Curd removes skin tanning

Sunburnt skin can be cured in summer with the help of curd. This removes Sunberg’s problem. It can also eliminate the red rash caused by tanning. You apply it in the affected area. This will give you relief from irritation and can reduce tanning overnight.

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