‘Kim Jong Un’s rule will end…’, South Korea’s befitting reply on the threat of nuclear attack

Kim Jong Un

South Korea Vs North Korea: North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, South Korea, who has made his own identity in the world regarding dictatorship, has retaliated and given a stern warning. South Korea said any nuclear strike by North Korea would mean the end of the regime led by Kim Jong Un.

Seoul’s warning came as Pyongyang said the deployment of US nuclear-capable submarines and other strategic assets here was a provocation for its use of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear ballistic missile submarine arrived in South Korea

Pyongyang’s Defense Minister Kang Sun-nam criticized the arrival of the 18,750-ton Ohio-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) USS Kentucky in South Korea a day earlier and the inaugural meeting of the South Korea-US Nuclear Consultative Group (NCG) this week, Yonhap news agency reported. After which the Defense Ministry of Seoul has warned.

The agency quoted Seoul’s ministry as saying that any North Korean nuclear attack against the South Korea-US alliance would face a decisive response. This would be the end of North Korean rule. Explain that the USS Kentucky reached the southeastern port city of Busan on Tuesday. The ministry has rejected North Korea’s claim that they pose a nuclear threat to the recalcitrant country.

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Growing tension between the two countries

Actually, the tension between North Korea and South Korea is increasing. North Korea fired a ballistic missile on July 12 and two short-range ballistic missiles on Wednesday.

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