South Korea-America military exercise starts from today, North Korea tests these missiles in response

South Korea America Military

World News: North Korea covered 1500 km on Sunday. Tested two strategic cruise missiles of the range. The State News Agency of North Korea said that these missiles were fired from a submarine in the presence of Kim Jong. These cruise missiles were fired a day before the joint military deal between South Korea and America.

South Korea said – will investigate missile test

North Korea’s news agency told that we have done this missile launching to avoid the danger emerging from America and its puppet North Korea. While reacting to the missile test, South Korea said that the army and intelligence were put on high alert during this test. The specifics of these missile tests are being examined.

Let us tell you that South Korea and America are going to start their joint military exercise from Monday. Which is being described as the biggest drill of the last 5 years. This drill is named ‘Freedom Shield’.

Many officers were present during the test

On March 9, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un ordered his army to intensify military drills for a real war. During this also 6 missiles were tested. Photos of this test came out on Friday. In the pictures, Kim Jong appeared with his daughter. During this, many senior military officers were present.

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