Apply this special thing mixed with milk on the face, the glow will return

Skin Care Tips turmeric mixed with milk for glowing skin

Skin Care Tips: In today’s time, everyone is conscious and alert about their skin. Because glowing and glowing skin is everyone’s wish. But often we use some creams and other things to make our face more glowing, which sometimes gets damaged. But today we are going to tell you such a home remedy, which is completely safe and very beneficial for the face.

Mix turmeric in milk

Milk and turmeric are found in every household, but do you know that mixing turmeric in milk and applying it on the face removes many problems. Milk and turmeric have many such properties which help in removing skin problems. Milk keeps the skin hydrated, while it also keeps the skin soft. Apart from this, milk makes the face shiny. Similarly, many such properties are found in turmeric, which helps in removing the accumulated dust and pimples on your face. While turmeric also improves the complexion of the face. That’s why it is advised to use milk and turmeric.

Milk-turmeric gives glowing skin

Using milk and turmeric makes glowing skin. For this, you have to mix 2 pinches of turmeric and half a teaspoon of honey in 3 teaspoons of milk. After this, mix these three well and apply them on the face, then wash it with clean water after about 5 minutes, by doing this continuously, your face will start glowing.

Milk-turmeric pack removes tanning

The problem of tanning also ends with the pack of milk and turmeric. You have to prepare a paste by mixing milk in multani mitti in a bowl, add a little turmeric to it, after that apply it on your face and after some time wash your face with clean water, so that the tanning of your face ends. Will go While the skin will also become shiny.

pimples go away

Pimples are becoming a big problem in today’s time. But if you apply a paste made of milk-turmeric and gram flour on your face for a few days, then your face will be completely clean, while the pimples on the face will also end, the milk-turmeric paste will give a wonderful glow to the face. also comes In this case, you can apply it.

Fairness comes on the face

If you want to have a fair face, then make a pack of milk, turmeric and sandalwood, then apply it well on the face and let it dry on the face for some time. After this you wash the face with clean water. By doing this for a few days, there will be fairness on your face.

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