Apply this thing on the face at night, the hanging skin will be tight

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Skin care TIPS: Due to increasing age, wrinkles appear on the face. There is looseness in the skin. Which affects your age. Due to some wrong habits, the facial skin becomes loose before age, which you can tighten with the help of ghee. Applying ghee on the face cures many skin related problems.

Actually, ghee is a dairy product. Which is very beneficial for health along with being delicious in food. It is beneficial for different parts of the body. This includes skin. Whether it is about glowing skin or removing spots, ghee helps you.

How ghee is beneficial for the skin

Actually, ghee is beneficial for the skin due to its nutrients. It contains omega-3 fatty acid, which is helpful in reducing facial wrinkles. It also tightens sagging skin. The special thing is that desi ghee fills moisture in the pores of the skin and boosts collagen, due to which you will not get wrinkles. Not only this, light fine lines on the face will disappear due to its use.

how to apply ghee on face at night

  • Before sleeping at night, take desi ghee in hand.
  • Then mix it well with both hands.
  • Then apply it on your face like this.
  • Massage the face with light hands for a while.
  • After this go to sleep without washing your face.
  • Wake up in the morning and clean the face with cold water.
  • By doing this, there will be a tightening of the skin in a few days.

Ghee gives glowing skin

Along with tightening your face, ghee also gives glow. For this, apply desi ghee on your face and massage it for some time. This corrects blood circulation and increases the glow of the face. Desi ghee also gives relief from dry skin. It helps in improving the texture of the skin along with nourishing it from within.

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