Somalia Terrorist Attack: Terrorists attack Hotel Al Shabaab in Somalia, 6 civilians and 3 soldiers killed

Somalia Attack

Somalia Terrorist Attack: There has been a major terrorist attack in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Islamic al-Shabaab terrorists attacked a hotel by the sea here on Friday night. Firing between security forces and terrorists went on for about six hours. During this, 9 people including six civilians, three jawans died. While 10 people were injured. Al-Shabaab, a jihadist organization affiliated with Al Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the attack. Security forces have sealed the hotel.

Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists have been waging an insurgency against the internationally-backed federal government for more than 15 years, police said on Saturday. Often target hotels, which host Somali elite citizens and foreign officials.

Firing continued till two o’clock in the night

Police said that the terrorists attacked the Pearl Beach Hotel on Friday evening. A total of 9 people were killed in the attack. These include three security force personnel. 10 others were injured. The firing went on till about two o’clock. All the terrorists were killed. The security force personnel managed to rescue 84 people, including women, children and the elderly.

Eyewitnesses said – there was fierce firing after the explosion

Witnesses said gunshots and explosions could be heard late into the night at the hotel on Lido Beach. Eyewitness Abdirhim Ali said that I was near the Pearl Beach restaurant when a huge explosion occurred in front of the building. I managed to escape but later there was heavy firing and security force personnel reached the spot.

Yasin Noor was in the restaurant and told that the hotel was full of people as it was recently built. He said that I am worried because many of my colleagues had gone there and two of them are not answering their phones.

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