Kiara was again seen without bangles, mangalsutra and vermilion

Sidharth Kiara 2

Siddharth-Kiara: Sidharth Kiara has been in the limelight since their marriage. Photos of the couple’s wedding (Sidharth Kiara Wedding) are becoming fiercely viral on social media as well.

There is a lot of craze among the fans about Kiara Advani and Siddharth Malhotra and there is a craze to see the new pictures of the couple. Meanwhile, now again the couple has shared photos of their sangeet on social media, in which Sid-Kiara is looking no less than a king-queen.

Sid-Kiara spotted at the airport

The fans are very happy to see these photos and are praising the couple a lot. Along with this, the Shershah couple has also been spotted at the airport on the previous day. In which Sid-Kiara appeared in a very cool look. Also, netizens are enraged after seeing Kiara’s look in this video.

Neither vermilion in demand nor mangalsutra around the neck

During this, Kiara had neither bangle in her hand, nor vermilion in her demand nor mangalsutra around her neck, about which the fans are now commenting.

Sid-Kiara look exactly like boyfriend-girlfriend

Sid-Kiara was seen exiting the airport last day. During this, the couple looked like a boyfriend-girlfriend holding hands. People liked the bonding of both but netizens did not like Kiara’s look and seeing this simple look of the new bride, netizens targeted her and now the actress is being trolled fiercely.

Kiara was seen in an all white look

It can be clearly seen in this video that Siddharth is wearing white pants and a light purple T-shirt. Along with this, Kiara Advani is also seen in all white look. Along with this, both of them are exiting the airport with full swag by wearing goggles.

Social media people questioned Kiara

Along with this, some people questioned Kiara on this look. Social media people say that is it okay to remain simple like this after marriage? Along with this, users are even asking the question whether they have got married too?

Users are making strange comments

Neither mangalsutra around the neck, nor vermilion and white clothes on the forehead, people are not liking this look of Kiara at all. Now people are making strange comments about the actress. Commenting on this, a user wrote that ‘He understands only and only fashion all the time, neither mangalsutra nor vermilion.’ While the other wrote that ‘he still seems to be a bachelor, why so’

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