‘Seema Haider’s uncle and brother are in Pakistan Army’, claims husband Ghulam amid probe into ISI links

Seema Haider Story

Seema Haider: Seema Haider’s husband Ghulam has made a big claim amidst the investigation of links with Pakistani intelligence agency. Talking to a news channel, Ghulam said that Seema’s uncle and brother are in the Pakistan Army. Please tell that Seema has reached India illegally via Nepal to live with her boyfriend Sachin Meena, who lives in Noida. In this matter Uttar Pradesh ATS has inquired from the border. Along with UP ATS, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) is also involved in the investigation.

During interrogation, Seema Haider revealed that her brother was in the Pakistan Army, but she does not know whether he is currently in the Pakistan Army or has left the army. At present, the investigating agencies are gathering information about the truth behind Seema’s statements. Meanwhile, Ghulam has claimed that Seema’s brother Asif is posted in Karachi, while her uncle, also in the Pakistan Army, holds a high position and lives in Islamabad.

Seema is on the radar of ATS and IB

Seema Haider is on the radar of ATS and IB for her possible links with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The authenticity of Seema’s Pakistani identity card has also been questioned. Seema’s ID card was issued on September 20, 2022. UP ATS is probing the delay in getting the ID cards. Investigation is also going on regarding his entry into India without visa.

Seema Haider and Sachin’s ‘love’ story

Seema Haider entered India with her four children in a bus from Nepal in May to be with her boyfriend Sachin Meena, 22, who lives in Greater Noida’s Rabupura area. The two first came in contact through PUBG in 2019.

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On 4 July, Seema Haider was arrested by the local police for illegally entering India and Sachin Meena was arrested for harboring illegal immigrants. However, both were granted bail by a local court on July 7 and are living with their four children in a house in Rabupura area.

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