Security in India: Under what circumstances and who gets Y+ and Z+ security, know how many categories of security in the country

Security in India

Security in India: Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani will now get Z+ category security in the country as well as abroad. A bench of Justice Krishna Murari and Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah said that apart from the country, this security should be provided to the Mukesh Ambani family in foreign countries and the Ambani family will bear the cost of this. Let us tell you that Z+ security costs 40 to 50 lakh rupees every month.

Politicians and VVIPs in the country are provided security by the Central Government when needed. Security is determined by the Union Home Ministry on the advice of the Research and Analysis Wing (R&W) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB). The security level also increases and decreases based on intelligence inputs.

In the country, the security of Z or Z plus category is provided only to some celebrities including Chief Ministers of States, Ministers of cabinet rank, High Court and Supreme Court Justices.

There are 6 categories of security system in the country.

The security cordon in the country is divided into six categories. These include SPG, Z+, Z, Y+, Y and and X categories. In view of the apprehension of threats from the Intelligence Department, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has asked Chief Ministers of States, Union Ministers, Ministers of States, MPs, MLAs, Bureaucrats, Political Party Leaders, Industrialists, Film Stars, Judges, Cricketers, Former Judges or associated with religious institutions It provides security to the person.

  • Special Protection Group (SPG)

The security of the Special Protection Group category is the top-level security cover. Only the Prime Minister gets this security. Paramilitary forces (BSF, CISF, ITBP, CRPF) personnel are included in this security category. This security category was introduced in 1985.

  • Z plus category

Z+ category security is the second layer of security. There are about 46 security personnel in it. Out of these jawans, more than 10 NSG jawans are involved. Apart from this, police, CRPF and ITBP personnel are included in this category.

  • Z category

There are a total of 33 security personnel in the Z category. Of these, the number of NSG commands is 4 to 5. Apart from these, CRPF, ITBP personnel and local police are also involved in this.

  • y plus category

There are a total of 11 security personnel in the Y Plus category. These also include 2 commandos and 2 PSOs.

  • Y category

There are also 8 security personnel in Y category security system but there is no commando in them. It also has 2 PSOs (Private Security Guards).

  • X category

2 to 6 security guards are deployed in X category. There is a PSO (Private Security Guard) in them. Many people in the country have got the security system of this category.

20 thousand VIPs have got security across the country

According to an estimate, security has been provided to more than 20 thousand VIPs and VVIPs including all types of security categories in the country. More than 60 thousand security personnel and police personnel are deployed for the security of VIPs and VVIPs across the country. Apart from these, more than 30 thousand vehicles are also being used.

12 thousand crore rupees are spent annually in providing security to about 20 thousand VIPs and VVIPs. This only includes the salary of the security personnel and the cost of petrol and diesel for the vehicles. Food and drink, accommodation, traveling allowance and many other expenses are separate. The central and state governments bear this expenditure.

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