Sabse Bada Sawal, 31 March 2023: Foreign interference or political disturbances on Rahul, if there is praise then yaari….criticism becomes heavy? watch the big debate

Sandeep Show 4

Biggest Question, 31 March 2023: Hello… I am Sandeep Chowdhary. Today I will talk about the biggest question of foreign interference and political disturbances. It is said about the era in which we are living today that the whole world is my home. Technology is very advanced now. There are no restrictions of the world on the news. The news of the world reaches you in real time. So why did the discussion come up?

The discussion is because Rahul Gandhi has been at the center of politics for the past several days. Rahul Gandhi was punished, lost his membership of Parliament and the bungalow was also snatched away. Now you have 30 days to appeal. There is also a ban on arrest.

Germany said – we are keeping an eye

Meanwhile a statement came from Germany. Germany said that it is keeping an eye on the action being taken against Rahul Gandhi. What we have come to know is that they can appeal against it. This will make it clear whether the decision was right or wrong. We expect judicial independence, democratic principles to be implemented. America has also given such statements. But what happened to the game?

Digvijay Singh incarnated, again surrounded by Congress

Congress Digvijay Singh appeared on Germany’s statement. He said that thanks Germany, for paying attention to how democracy is being oppressed in India. When thanks were given, BJP started all-round attack. Kiren Rijiju said thank you Rahul Gandhi. Because of you there is interference in the internal affairs. India will not tolerate foreign interference.

Anurag Thakur said that Congress does not believe in democratic, democratic and legal fight. Nirmala Sitharaman also targeted. Seeing itself surrounded, the Congress is now engaged in damage control. Jairam Ramesh came forward. He said that we know how to deal with threats from democratic processes.

sweet sweet gossip and bitter bitter thu-thu

But the political battle has started. Now here comes the question of the sovereignty of the country. Vasudhaiva Kutunkam hai, so we do not even forget to tell that look, the world is accepting that we are the fastest growing country. The future of India is bright. There is a saying that sweet is sweet gossip and bitter is bitter thu-thu. What Digvijay Singh said is absolutely wrong. But will the finance, IT ministers of the country raise their eyes. Why didn’t they reply to Germany. Why isn’t the German ambassador called? Is it political expediency or political suicide?

We also saw that the slogan of the Trump government was given after going to America. Recently, on March 3, Italy’s Prime Minister Meloni said that PM Modi is one of the popular leaders of the world. So we like it. So in this good and bad game, another chapter has been added in politics. Will its echo be heard more in the days to come?

So today’s big question is whether foreign interference or political disturbances on Rahul? If there is praise then friend….criticism becomes heavy? See the big debate…

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