Biggest Question, 29 March 2023: Insults are becoming unbridled! Tension on Adani… Sanjivani of the opposition? see the big debate

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Biggest Question, 29 March 2023: Hello… I am Sandeep Chowdhary. Today in the biggest question, I am going to talk about insult, yes insult. Its scope is continuously expanding. is increasing. Unprecedented expansion is taking place. Nowadays the country is being insulted on every point, the leaders are accusing each other of insulting themselves. The insult of Parliament was added to this.

Insult to democracy, insult to judiciary, insult to a community, an insult to a caste. Nowadays, feeling insulted on every issue is becoming a pastime. But what is the basic question in this and what should happen?

Uproar again and proceedings adjourned

Actually yesterday also I touched on this aspect. The general public of the country, you and me, we the people of India, the citizens of India, Janata Janardan is God. This whole arrangement is for the good of the public. This whole fabric is this whole structure. Public’s concerns, public’s issues, public’s problems, public’s expectations, aspirations, hopes are being discussed or not? To say all this is happening for me, for you only.

Parliament did not function even today. Yesterday also I had said that this is the biggest panchayat, the biggest temple of democracy. Then there was uproar. Proceedings were adjourned.

Parliament proceedings in minutes

When the second phase of the budget session of the Parliament began on March 13, this has been the situation till now. Lok Sabha functioned for 17 minutes on 13 March, 10 minutes on 14 March, 15 minutes on 15 March, 3.5 minutes on 16 March, 21 minutes on 17 March, 21 minutes on 20 March, 30 minutes on 21 March, 23 March 23 minutes, 45 minutes on 24th March, 10 minutes on 27th March and only 6 minutes on 28th March. Figures are in minutes. Action should be taken for at least 6 hours, but the name of discussion is not being taken there. Yes, there is commotion.

Now the issue of humiliation of backward castes has come up.

The talk that started with the insult of the country that Rahul Gandhi insulted the country across seven seas, there was a demand for his apology in the Parliament. But the explanation was not heard in the Parliament. Now Rahul Gandhi is out of the Parliament, because he insulted the Modi caste. 2019 Case of a speech given in Kolar Karnataka, judgment came on 23 March, got 2 years sentence and 2 years sentence means MP gone and if upper court doesn’t overturn the verdict then he can’t contest elections for 8 years. But it came to the point of insulting the Modi community, that is, insulting the backward castes.

Yes, the backward castes have been insulted and from April 6 to April 14, BJP will also run a campaign in every village and every house. Will tell how backward castes are humiliated. What kind of mentality. On the other hand, the opposition started saying that this is an insult to democracy. They are being torn apart, our mics are being muted. Not being allowed to speak. PM Modi is scared of Rahul Gandhi.

Parliament was muted

Parliament itself became mute for 16 minutes. But isn’t the common man being insulted in this? You are our representatives, if the Parliament will not function, then this makeover of the Parliament is taking place, do you not know that the Central Vista area where the Government sits is being brightened up. Thousands of crores of rupees will be spent. 13000 to 21000 crores is estimated. But for now I will confine myself to the Parliament complex only.

The cost of the new Parliament complex being built was said to be 971 crores, now it is estimated to be around 1200 crores and the Parliament was supposed to reach the new complex in the last winter session, now where is the Parliament going there in the coming monsoon session Will sit But if there is no work to be done and there is uproar in the Parliament, then what will be the use of this makeover? And this is also your and my money with which the new campus will be built. The campus is new, the attitude and atmosphere old. Will there be any solution to this?

black magic if you wear black clothes

Now today the leader of the opposition came again wearing black clothes, demanded JPC, this tension on Adani is going on continuously. Regarding black clothes, Piyush Goyal said that they are doing black magic. Now black has also been associated with black magic regarding color. Prime Minister Modi says in a program of a media group that the allegations being leveled against us are all auspicious, black tika is also applied to auspiciousness. They call him auspicious.

On the other hand, black clothes are also called black magic and one after the other Union Ministers are coming and commenting. See, personal attacks go on in politics, but when the Parliament is in progress, today a bill has become a law without any discussion, it has been passed. Means after the recommendation of the President, the law will also be made, the Parliament has passed it.

So see the insult is becoming unbridled! Tussle over Adani… Sanjivani of the opposition? See the big debate…

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