Biggest Question, 24 March 2023: Legal action or political fight on Rahul Gandhi? see what the speakers say

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Biggest Question, 24 March 2023: Hello. I am Sandeep Chowdhary. Today (Friday) the biggest question is being asked from Nagpur in Maharashtra. The temperature here is quite good. It’s hot I was sweating during the day. But I will not talk about the heat of Nagpur. Today I am going to talk about the heat of Delhi’s politics.

Rain in Delhi but political temperature rises

Today Indradev was kind. It rained from the sky. It was a pleasant weather for the people of Delhi. But the temperature of politics was seen rising. Rahul Gandhi became the reason. On Thursday, Surat’s CJM court sentenced Rahul Gandhi to two years in a defamation case. Today parliamentary proceedings were also seen taking place.

Four time MP Rahul now former MP

Rahul will not be able to contest any election for the next eight years. Rahul Gandhi, a four-time MP, is now a former MP. Because now the law is like this. If an MP or MLA is sentenced to two years, then the membership is rejected. But there is also a time limit for this. It is not that tomorrow the decision will come and the membership of the fire will be cancelled.

Ministers surrounded Rahul Gandhi

The court has given 30 days time to arrest Rahul Gandhi. BJP also surrounded Rahul Gandhi. Union Minister Anurag Thakur said that Rahul used to say that it is his misfortune that he is an MP. They have started considering themselves above the constitution. Now they have got freedom from the Parliament. Bhupendra Chaudhary says that action has been taken against Rahul under the judicial process. The answer to this also came from the Congress.

Kharge said – this conspiracy to distract from Adani issue

National President Mallikarjun Kharge said that Rahul speaks on the issue of public interest, so he has to pay the price for it. Now Congress is saying that we will show the truth. According to the Congress, all these actions are being taken because the BJP wants to hide the demand of the JPC on the Adani issue.

Big question: is this a coincidence or an experiment?

But the big question is whether the opposition will be able to explain that democracy is being strangled. Will the BJP be able to tell that we are taking action, that’s why the opposition is uniting? Is it all a coincidence or a political experiment? Will its echo be heard till 2024 Lok Sabha elections? Watch full VIDEO

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