Sabse Bada Sawal: Why are the farmers of the country throwing tomatoes and onions on the roads and drains, has the income doubled?

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Biggest Question, 23 May 2023: Hello, I am Sandeep Chowdhary. Today, in the biggest question, I am going to talk about the food provider farmer of the country. Onion Tomato. of milk. Of wheat The country’s PM Narendra Modi is currently in Australia. There PM Modi beat that India is number one in milk production. We are second in production of rice, wheat and sugarcane. When there is so much production, commonsense says that the farmers must be having trouble. Because this is what produces everything. So the income must be increasing? Earning so much that farmers are throwing tomatoes on the road! Farmers themselves are wasting their crops. Same is the case with onions.

I would like to present some case studies to you. Tomatoes are being sold for one to two rupees in Buldhana. But we and you are buying 20 to 25 rupees per kg. But the farmers are not getting these prices. Onions are being thrown on the road and drain in Khandwa mandi. Madhukar Singh, a farmer from Buldhana, cultivated tomatoes in two acres. The cost came to two lakh rupees. Even the price of two rupees is not available in the market. Can’t even get the shipping out. Khandwa farmer Kamlesh Patel grew onions in one acre. The cost came to 60 thousand rupees. Not even a single rupee is available. Such an unlimited income is being made. That’s why threw it. And we are giving 15 to 20 times its money here. So who is earning? This in itself is an important question.

Who is doing this black marketing? The date of 31 December 2022 has passed. This was the date when the farmer’s income should have doubled. The farmer is being forced to become a laborer. 22.5 percent farmers in the country are below the poverty line. The price of milk is increasing continuously. Cattle fodder has increased by 20 to 40 percent. So today’s biggest question is that the farmers’ earnings are unaccounted for… Tomatoes and onions were thrown on the road! When will farmers’ income double? See the big debate…

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